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Nişantaşı University celebrates its 10th anniversary

Nişantaşı University, which has been aiming to raise the level of education quality since its foundation, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Nişantaşı University, which set out with the motto “Dreams change life. If one person changes, the whole world changes.” and has had 24 thousand graduates up to now, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The university where more than 20 thousand students are enrolled has been aiming to raise the level of education quality since its foundation.

Levent Uysal, Founder of Nişantaşı Educational Foundation, reported that Nişantaşı University, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in an event, has been taking firm steps forward on the way to becoming a world class university. He stated, “Nişantaşı University has celebrated its 10th anniversary. We have kept on going with the same excitement as in the beginning and support to education since the very first day of our foundation. We sincerely thank our fellows working with us and precious scholars at our university on this path. We prepare our students not only for courses but also for life. We give them a chance to practise in life. We have been taking firm steps on the way to become a world university facing the life, environment and the world itself. Here is beyond a university, just like a home where we are together with our family. The happiness of spending 10 years with them is indefinable; that’s why, I would like to thank Nişantaşı family with my heart and soul.”


Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın, Rector of Nişantaşı University, stated that the society can reach 5.0 only with education 5.0, and Nişantaşı University is leading that in Turkey. He also added:

“More than 20 thousand students are enrolled at our university now. It is not an easy task for any educational institution to reach this number in 10 years. These numbers reflect our studies in education and instruction. Any kind of support we can provide Turkish society is valuable for us. This is an age when industry 4.0 change is swift. It is getting more difficult for a society to keep up with the trends in terms of swift changes. Society 5.0 has been suggested in order to prevent this in Japan. Our university has adopted education 5.0 approach in order to create society 5.0. because it is possible to reach society 5.0. only through education 5.0. We educate our students in this frame. It is one of our targets to reflect the power of the academic world to the society through education 5.0.”


Achievements of the workers among the administrative staff of the university were ac in the event acknowledged. Administrative staff working for 5 years and above at the university were awarded with a certificate of achievement in the ceremony by Levent Uysal, Founder of Nişantaşı Educational Foundation, Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın, Rector of the University, and Lecturer Dr. Mehmet Altuntaş, Secretary General.

Release date: 26.12.2019 - 16:16:14